glitter mini sessions!


February 9, 2020

* she leaves a little sparkle wherever she goes *

the only time you can throw glitter in the air and not get in trouble for it! My 5 year old self would have absolutely loved doing this! These sessions will definitely become an annual event. After all, I’m not sure who was more excited, them… or me!

Enjoy some of my favourite shots! These little ladies were living their best life!

These two little princesses are best friends and were so excited to do this together.

Hailey was having the time of her life. Her mama didn’t tell her what she was going to do when she came to the studio and her face completely lit up when she say the glitter on the floor. She was even more excited when I asked her if she wanted to throw it!

the ‘glitter angels’ were all her idea!

Until next time! “Never lose your sparkle!”

Rachael xo

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